Proof Britannias

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We offer a great range of Proof Britannia box sets at very competitive prices. Britannia Gold coins comes in four different sizes; the face value £100 coin contains 1 ounce (31.104g) of fine gold, the £50 coin contains one half ounce (15.552g), the £25 coin contains one quarter ounce (7.776g) and finally the £10 coin contains one tenth ounce of gold (3.110g).  The coins are all heavier then these weights however, as they contain 22-carat (91.67%) gold.  The remaining alloy was copper (crown gold mix) until 1989, and is now Silver. These Proof sets are all boxed with individual certificates of authenticity. The One Ounce Silver Britannia and the One Ounce Gold Britannia are also available to purchase.

Bullion by Post are a Royal Mint authorised distributor and only sell authentic British mint coins and coin sets.